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The University Town of Stellenbosch is situated in the most beautiful corner of the world, the Western Cape in South Africa.

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Jill Adams' Birds (Watercolours)
Some of Jill's birds from The Birds around us
Nico's Birds of Prey
Nico's Owls
Small birds
Rosie' Turacos
Klaus Kassel at WCNP
Peet's Birds
Bird Potpourri
Awie's Birds
Beautiful Kalahari
Fritz Weaver
Basie van Zyl's birds
Basie's Birds of Prey
Ingo's Birds
Louis Groenewald's birds
Pieter's Raptors
Awie's Water games
Awie's Kalahari Birds
Roland Hill's Birds
John Murray's Birds
Hennie Cilliers' Birds
Pieter La Grange's Birds
Kirsten Frost's Birds
Adam Riley's Birds
Chris Krog's Birds
Michael McSweeney
Mark Drysdale's Birds
Birds Potpourrie 2012
Birds Potpourrie 2016
Johan van Noordwyk
Brian Culver's Birds
Tinus Lamprecht's Birds
Billy Steenkamp's Birds
Anja Denker's Birds
Trevor Hardaker's Birds
John Tinkler's Birds
Bob Hobbes's Birds
Hennie Storm's Birds
Coen Homan's Birds
Brian Radford's Birds
Jody de Bruyn's Birds
Peek, Boo and Hoo
Derek Keats's Birds
Tim Cockcroft's Birds
Ed Raubenheimer's Birds

Verreaux's Eagle

Welcome to Stellenbosch Birds!

The Bird of the Year 2017 is the Lappet-faced Vulture.

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The Stellenbosch Bird club was dissolved, but this website lives on as a hobby site by Rosie Breuer, making pages with excellent photos by well known photographers. I would like to add short texts about each bird. I especially like the charming descriptions in Richard Liversidge's book, The Birds around us. Alas it is out of print. I think it should be modernised, enlarged and have a new edition.
This site is not limited to the birds of the Western Cape anymore, but presents birds of Southern Africa.

Pygmy Falcon
Pygmy Falcon
Pieter La Grange

Admire our galleries and species pages, which I regularly enlarge and update. Please do inform me when you find errors or have suggestions for improvements!  

New: Ed Raubenheimer's beautiful birds. 4 new Potpourries Potpourries 19, 20, 21 and 22, with photos by Hugh Chittenden, Tim Cockcroft, Don Cowie, Ulrica de Beer, Dawie de Villiers, Mark Drysdale, The Flacks Photography, Anthony Goldman, Brian Harrisberg, Jeff Harrisberg, Linda Hering, Bob Hobbes, Coen Homan, Wayne Johnston, Derek Keats, Johan Kitching, Willie Knoetze, Chris Krog, Stewart Matheson, Dionne Miles, Rousseau Lötter, Stewart Matheson, Kevin McDonald, Mc Gills Bird photography, Ernest Porter, Anton Pretorius, Brian Radford, Clint Ralph, Ed Raubenheimer, Adam Riley, Jacques Sellschop, Wilna Steenkamp, Hennie Storm and Kai Stüwe. All new Pieter' Birds 1 and 2, Pieter's Raptors and Pieter's Waterbirds. Potpourries with photos by Hugh Chittenden, The Flacks Photography, Brian Harrisberg, Jeff Harrisberg, Bob Hobbes, Coen Homan, Willie Knoetze, Rousseau Lötter, Stewart Matheson, Kevin McDonald, Mc Gills photography, Brian Radford, Clint Ralph and Ed Raubenheimer. Pages 7, 8, 9 and 10 with photos by Stefaan Bouwer, Sharon Brink, Tim Cockcroft, Don Cowie, Brian Culver, Cassie de Bruin, Mark Drysdale, Anthony Goldman, Louis Groenewald, Trevor Hardaker, Jeff Harrisberg, Bob Hobbes, Coen Homan, Wayne Johnston, Chris Jurish, Derek Keats, Johan Kitching, Willie Knoetze, Chris Krog, Tinus Lamprecht, Kevin McDonald, Stewart Matheson, Lee Ouzman, Prelena Soma Owen, Anton Pretorius, Brian Radford, Clint Ralph, Ed Raubenheimer, Jacques Sellschop, Hennie Storm, Ronelle Storm, Johann van den Berg, Ingo Waschkies and Basie van Zyl.
A new 4 pages gallery : Derek Keats's Birds! Peek, Boo and Hoo, a Spotted Eagle-Owl family in a Somerset West garden
I added many photos to Coen Homan's Birds and also to Brian Radford's Birds.
I am often updating and improving the pages and keep adding photos (Please scroll down for all photos), so please always reload all pages, in case your computer shows you an old version.
I would like to thank the artists and photographers in this site for their graceful permission to add their photos to my List of Bird Photos.
I am only collecting photos of South African birds I don't have yet or I have too few of and photos that outshine the ones I already have.

Making galleries of bird photos or paintings is just one of my pastimes, beside watching birds.
For a good laugh, I read Mike's answers to letters: Ask the Bird Folks

bilingual book with birds
Webmaster Book News: In preparation - the Zettelwitz books for Europe.

Because I love watching birds, I made Zettelwitz, the hero of my books, into a bird watcher, too. This childish wizard develops into a decent man, because he loves Ronja and - to his surprise - he feels much better being liked for his useful craft, than hated for his cruel jokes.
Zettelwitz - Table Mountain Wizard by Rosemarie Breuer, in German and English
and Die Towenaar van Tafelberg - Table Mountain Wizard in Afrikaans and English
with 74 Illustrations by the author and 60 bird illustrations by Jill Adams
Now also available as e-books in several formats.
Zettelwitz Kindle versions in German and English (3. edition, September 2013):
Zauberer Zettelwitz vom Tafelberg and Zettelwitz the Table Mountain Wizard

Reviews   Order the printed books and the pdf version with the name of your choice:  
An outdated pirated pdf of Zettelwitz can be found all over the Net. Please do me the favour to compare it to the new version bought from me or Kindle.

Your book is absolutely brilliant! I can't wait to have children and will save it for them! Fantastic that you are also doing American and European versions.
Adam Riley Rockjumper Birding Tours

More editions to follow with birds of different regions of the world:
Krüger Park Wizard, Mkuzi Wizard, Kalahari Wizard
Zettelwitz the Wizard (European and American versions)

Bird news:
Message by Mark Anderson: The absolutely magnificent original art from the Roberts Bird Guide is available for sale. See for images of the 397 plates, prices, and details about how to purchase the art. Note that 25% of the proceeds of all sales will go to BirdLife South Africa, thus contributing to the conservation of birds in South Africa.
Pied Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher © Brian Radford
Best Bird pic of the world wide George W Glennie International Wildlife Photographic Competition 2016
Peek, Boo & Hoo at 4 weeks
Peek, Boo & Hoo at 4 weeks
© Chris Jurich
Citrine Wagtail
A rare bird in the Western Cape! Citrine Wagtail at Strandfontein Sewerage Works
© Michael McSweeney
Pearl-spotted Owlet
Pearl-spotted Owlet
Seen at Beaufort West on 23 October 2015, this is truly a Western Cape mega!
© Trevor Hardaker
Common Cuckoo
Common Cuckoo at Rietvlei, Table Bay Nature Reserve, 2015
© Trevor Hardaker
Abdim's Stork - A rare visitor to the Western Cape
Abdim's Stork - A rare visitor to the Western Cape!
Near Arniston - 7 October 2012
© Tinus Lamprecht
Black Skimmer
Black Skimmer - a visitor from America
6.10.2012: A first for SA!! - at Rietvlei
Photo taken in Cape Town by Michael McSweeney
Stray Fulvous Duck in the Cape! Little Crake
Stray Fulvous Duck and the European migrant, Little Crake, in the Cape!
Photos taken in Cape Town by Michael McSweeney.

Please contact us, when you see unusual birds.

If you do not know the names of things, the knowledge of them is lost, too.
wrote Carl Linnaeus who invented the Latin binomial system of naming plants and animals, which is still in use. DNA research has given new insights into the relationship of birds. The classification of bird families has changed tremendously from the one you find in older bird guides and is still not quite settled as new research will surely bring a few more surprises.
Example: Songbirds (Oscines) are divided into ravenlike birds (Corvida) and all other Paserida. Paradise Flycatcher and Batis now belong to Corvida.
Find information and lists of names at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology

Links of the day:

2017 BirdLife South Africa official Checklist of Birds in South Africa
You tube: Water Thick-knee versus Monitor Lizard

I find the BirdLife International factsheets very useful. An example:
Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo (Steppe or Common Buzzard)

Kirsten Frost Nature Photography

Movements of a Secretarybird tracked for more than two years!

Ian Sinclair; Phil Hockey; Warwick Tarboton; Peter Ryan, Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, Struik, 2014
The new much enlarged edition
Birds Of Southern Africa Birds of Africa South of the Sahara
by Ian Sinclair, Phil Hockey, Warwick Tarboton, Peter Ryan

Marguerite Poland,
Taken Captive by Birds
Taken Captive by Birds, with illustrations by Craig Ivor van Vuuren

Grant McCreary's The Birders Library - Book reviews and news

Kirsten Frost

An excellent site: All About Birds The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a comprehensive resource for North American birds

Game Bird Art by Penny Meakin - beautiful!

Hannes Lochner Wildlife & Nature Photography

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Verreaux's Eagle   Aquila verreauxi
© Jill Adams (in Richard Liversidge, The Birds Around us)

Stellenbosch Birds

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